Gary Brent

My Story

Then, in the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, investors saw serious declines in their portfolios and watched as alternative investment strategies literally collapsed.

Listening to clients, I understood their clear need for HighView to provide asset management advice beyond simply selecting investment managers. They needed HighView to become a wealth architect with a fiduciary duty to build sustainable, comprehensive wealth solutions: an Outsourced CIO.

Giving Investors Peace of Mind

Since co-founding HighView in 2005, earning and keeping the confidence and trust of investor clients has been central to everything I do. With the values of integrity, compassion, and transparency at the forefront of everything I do, I guide HighView in designing unique asset management strategies and portfolios for each client, integrating the advice of their professional advisors, preserving their capital, and helping them meet their goals now and in the future.